A collection built for the city. Midway exudes a cool vibe. Created for commuters who are looking for a light & practical everyday bag that fits perfectly with their urban street style. The bags are designed for those who fearlessly are themselves. Midway accompanies you on your urban adventures.

Side bottle pockets

The side bottle pocket comes in handy when you’re travelling.

Padded computer compartment

Store your computer in the separate computer compartment. Extra padding has been added for protection.

Special moulded pullers

The details make the design. Even the pullers are stylish and cool.

Fleece Pocket for smart device

A soft pocket that ensures your smart devices are stored away safely.

Sealed central zipper

The central zipper gives the bag a cool look. It will also make sure that not a single drop of rain will make it to the inside of your backpack.

Special blue lining

You’ll be amazed by the nicely finished blue interior of the bags, made from quality materials.

026 Dark Blue // 309 Beech Khaki // 451 Rubber Camel // 640 Dark Iron