Your daily companion

The iconic Inner City is perfect for everyday use. The designs are inspired by the needs of the contemporary woman. Functionality is key. The bags are practical, lightweight, water and dust repellent and made out of strong nylon fabric.

With Inner City, you’re guaranteed a playful and carefree look.



Your credit card, passport and drivers’ license work with radio frequency identification chips. Protect your personal data with Hedgren’s RFID zipped pocket, a pocket containing a special lining to protect RFID chips in your credit/debit cards and passport from unwanted scanning and data stealing.

Safety hook

Protect your belongings with our safety hook. The safety hook makes sure pickpockets and thieves cannot access your bag while strolling through the city. The Safety hook feature is available on the Sputnik, Sally and Faith.

Water repellent

All our products are coated with IPX3 to protect your favourite bag from water, snow, dirt and sand.